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RF Laboratories can assist you with your wireless problems, fixes, design support, test support, planning and documentation. Whether your need is as simple as an inexpensive remote control or demands the design savvy required of a comprehensive communications system, we have the resources to accommodate most wireless design needs.

Learn more about the following services we provide:

Here are some of the products we design and other services we provide:

  • Remote Controls
  • Data Radios
  • Serial Data Links
  • Telemetry Radios
  • Communications Radios
  • Antenna Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Encoders and Decoders
  • Microprocessors and Microcontollers
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
  • Embedded Software Engineering
  • Partial and Full Turn-Key Assembly
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Test Engineering, Test Fixuring, Test Programs
  • Project Planning and Management
  • PCB Layout and Fabrication



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