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RF Laboratories offer design services in state-of-the-art antenna engineering. We design, develop, manufacture, and test antenna products for ground telecommunications. High frequency antennas are typically complex wire-strung structures supported by towers up to four hundred feet high. Their design involves complex relationships between many electro-magnetic and structural variables. Antennas are an important part of communication systems because effective radio communication depends upon signal strength relative to background noise. The signal-to-noise ratio can be improved by increasing transmitter power and by improving the performance of the transmitting and receiving antennas. In most situations, the ability to increase transmitter power is limited by either regulation or expense; accordingly, antenna design assumes a key role in the practical solution to the problem of increasing signal quality.

RF Laboratories produces antenna designs having the optimal gain, bandwidth and power-handling capability required for specific applications and environments, with reductions in design time and expense as well as product cost.

Our antenna design capabilities range from various antenna technologies to the electromagnetic field propagation arena. In antenna technology, we cover a wide variety of antennas such as wire, horn, printed circuit, reflector, lens, and phased array antenna. RF Laboratories' technical team possesses a very strong theoretical background coupled with profound hands-on hardware experience, making our products and services top-of-the-line.




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