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July, 2006

RF Laboratories is principle designer of DevTek Inc.'s InUrEar spectator radio. The InUrEar radio is a small, one-time use FM radio less than the size of a quarter. It is used at sports stadiums to hear all the stats, replay info, pre- and post-event media coverage without even leaving your seat.

For more information on the InUrEar spectator radio, visit either Devtek Inc.'s website at or the InUrEar website at

June, 2006

The Poolguard pool alarm, designed by RF Laboratories and sold by PBM Industries, was recently rated the only recommended and acceptable pool alarm on the market by Consumer Reports. This product was also featured on local news channel Fox 6 WITI Milwaukee.

For more information about the Poolguard and how to purchase one for yourself, visit the Poolguard website at



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