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RF Laboratories is currently working on an application for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in conjunction with ASR&D. The project will be an acoustic wave based temperature and pressure sensor used for application to space explorations and extreme environments.

For more information about the ASR&D temperature/pressure sensor project, visit the ASR&D website at

DevTek, Inc.

RF Laboratories is currently working with DevTek, Inc. to create a disposable FM radio for sports stadiums. The InUrEar radio is a small, one-time use FM radio less than the size of a quarter. It is used at sports stadiums to hear all the stats, replay info, pre- and post-event media coverage without even leaving your seat.

For more information on the InUrEar spectator radio, visit either Devtek Inc.'s website at or the InUrEar website at

Everyday Wireless

RF Laboratories worked with Everyday Wireless to create a school bus tracking system. This system allows bus companies to manage where all of there buses are at any time. With location updates every 10 seconds, they're sure to not miss a thing. This system can also be used by parents and kids to know how long they have until the bus is at their home.

For more information about the Everyday Wireless Real-Time Bus Tracking System, visit the Everyday Wireless website at


RF Laboratories is collaborating with Eyewhere? to create an eyeglass locater. For those of you who seem to lose your eyeglasses at the worst possible moment, this will help you find them at the push of a button. The locator connects to your glasses and will beep when you push the button of a handheld transmitter, allowing you to follow the sound to find your glasses.

Lucas Technologies

RF Laboratories is working with Lucas Technologies to create their Priority Command preemption system. The Priority Command preemption system is a state-of-the-art, GPS-based emergency traffic signal preemption system. When seconds count, it provides emergency vehicles with more green lights. First responders can arrive faster, safer, and with less stress so they are better able to perform their duties. Plus, we are producing this system at a price so cities can now afford to equip every emergency vehicle and every signalized intersection with this life-saving new technology.

For more information about the Priority Command preemption system, visit the Lucas Technologies website at

PBM Industries

RF Laboratories has been working with PBM Industries to create their Poolguard pool alarm systems. These alarms will protect your children from falling in the pool unnoticed by sounding an alarm by the pool as well as in the home to alert you to the danger. It is sensitive enough to detect an 18 pound one-year-old child falling in the water but also smart enough to know the difference between an 18 pound child and wind, rain, or other small objects falling in the water. Their pool alarms are offered for in-ground as well as above-ground pools and are the only pool alarms recommended by Consumer Reports in a June, 2006.

For more information about the Poolguard and how to purchase one for yourself, visit the Poolguard website at




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