Thu December 13, 2007 12:52 PM
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We offer data radios in three general frequency bands: 75 MHz, 260-470 MHz and 902-928 MHz. We also offer ISM 433 and 868 MHz.

Our data radios are some of the highest performance, low-cost in existence. With a bill of materials as low as $3.00 per unit at production quantities, your search for low-cost data radio can end right now.

As with all of our designs, we can customize to your specific requirements. There are three categories of radios: a receiver, a transmitter and a transceiver. All three provide reliable wireless data radios for the 902-928 MHz FCC Part 15 band and the 433 MHz and 868 MHz ISM band.

Our data radios span a wide variety of wireless architectures, digital recovery schemes, security options and error correction methods to assure a match with your particular application.

All of the difficult RF design issues are addressed, including layout issues, antenna design, and part sources. RF Laboratories can assist you in all phases of your product design, including the microcontroller and decoder sections, if needed. All of our data radios can be modified to fit in nearly any space. If needed, we can assist in higher level integration and modularization of any design you choose.

If you're not considering manufacturing, but are still interested in purchasing a design, we'll be glad to manufacture to suit. RF Laboratories has a full SMT manufacturing facility to accommodate any manufacturing needs you may have.



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